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The road less travelled

My name is Klaudia Slaninova. I am originally from a small town in Slovakia called Prešov. When I was 14 I left school to study the art of Jewellery design and manufacture in a specialist college in Prague. I studied there for 4 years, I then worked in a jewellery shop for 3 years until I opened my own shop in Prešov. I was 21 years old. Everybody said “She won't last,” and “It will never work!” I was determined to prove them all wrong which I did when I stayed in business employing 10 people and opening a second shop.

Finding success in new places

I have since sold the shops, which continue trading to this day. I then moved to Scotland where I worked in a jewellers for 3 years before opening my own shop in Glasgow. I have now relocated to Wirral, England where I design and make unique, bespoke jewellery and remodelled jewellery with an exquisite Slovakian twist!




  • Certificates in Jewellery Design
  • Jet1 and Jet2 in Prague studied for 4 years
  • 3 years apprenticeship in a jewellery shop in Prešov
  • Running my own jewellery business for 17 years
  • Ongoing courses and certificates during my work in the UK


Jewellery making in workshop


About myself

My journey as a jewellery designer began in Czechoslovakia (before separation), where I trained as a goldsmith in Prague starting in 1983. After four years of vigorous training in all aspects of jewellery craft, I then commenced an apprenticeship in my home town of Prešov in what is now Slovakia. From there I founded my own jewellery business, which I ran for many years in my home town, employing ten people and establishing a great reputation for innovative design and remodelled jewellery.


From Slovakia to Scotland!

Having achieved all there was to achieve in the jewellery business in Prešov, I sold the business to an employee, and emigrated from Slovakia to Scotland to gain more experience and discover something new. There I worked for a number of jewellers, learning new techniques, and working more with diamonds and different stone settings before moving to Liverpool to become the Workshop Manager of a prestige jewellery shop. I now work independently here at Dia's Jewellery.





What I can do for you

While my qualifications and experience are considerable there is more to jewellery making than this. I would also like people to say that I listen to what they want and work with them to create something special that they love and can pass down to future generations. This is the most important thing in custom made jewellery.







Whether you have the materials to create remodelled jewellery, or would like an entirely new and completely new piece, give me a call and we can discuss your ideas together.

 07814 295793



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