Terms and Conditions

Business conditions

1. General provisions

Electronic shop is a web application accessible through the website www.diasjewellery.co.uk

1.2.These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) will regulate the legal relations between the supplier and the consumer when concluding contracts through electronic commerce.

1.3. The operator of the e-commerce is the company:

tel. contact: +447815295793
e-mail: Klaudia@diasjewellery. co.uk

1.4. Consumers are understood as any natural person who has registered in the electronic store or made a purchase without registration, while not doing so in connection with the performance of their business activity.

1.5. Supplier means the operator of the electronic store Klaudia Slaninova 

The contract for the supply of goods is:

  • Purchase contract concluded according if the subject of the contract is the purchase of goods that are manufactured or will be manufactured without specific consumer requirements.

Shopping of goods

  • Consumer registration is not necessary for ordering goods via e-commerce.
  • For the purchase of goods through the electronic store, it is necessary to enter the name, surname, address for the delivery of the goods and e-mail and select the desired goods.
  • When purchasing goods through electronic commerce, the consumer must agree to these terms and conditions, which he indicates in the purchase form by checking the box "I agree with the terms and conditions", otherwise the purchase is invalid.
  • The consumer is responsible for the correctness and truthfulness of the data he provides during the purchase
  • The supplier has the right to cancel the purchase if he discovers that the consumer has provided false information.

3. Shopping cart

  • A shopping cart is an e-commerce application in which the consumer places the goods they are interested in.
  • The content of the shopping cart can be changed or canceled by the consumer at any time until the order is sent.
  • By clicking the send order button, the consumer confirms the contents of the shopping cart and sends the order to the supplier.

4. Order

4.1.Sending an order is considered a proposal to conclude a contract for the supply of goods addressed by the registered consumer to the supplier.

4.2. The contract for the delivery of goods is concluded at the moment of receipt of the e-mail confirming the order, which the supplier sends to the consumer to the consumer's e-mail address specified during registration.

If the subject of the order is custom-made goods and according to the specific requirements of the consumer, the order can be revoked until the deposit is paid at the latest. After paying the advance payment, the consumer can't cancel the order. 

5. Payment terms

When making payments, enter the correct variable symbols according to the invoice.

It is possible to pay for the ordered goods:

  • By PayPal 
  • Stripe

6. Sending the goods to the consumer

  • Deadlines for sending goods
  • The goods that are in stock will be sent by the supplier to the consumer within 5 working days at the latest
  • The goods that need to be produced, i.e. goods made to order, will be sent by the supplier to the consumer within 30 working days at the latest, unless otherwise stated for the specific goods.
  • The deadline for sending the goods starts depending on the payment method chosen by the consumer. When paying:
  • By bank transfer or payment card, the period begins to run from the day the payment is credited to the supplier's account, if the payment was credited to the supplier's account by 4:00 p.m. Otherwise, the period begins to run on the following business day. 
  • If it is a product for which an advance payment is required, the period begins the day following the days after the advance payment is credited to the supplier's account;

7. Delivery of goods

  • Depending on the consumer's choice, the ordered goods are delivered by Royal Mail .

The consumer will be informed by e-mail about the delivery of the goods to the delivery person and the procurement of transportation.

  • The date and price of the delivery of the goods are governed by the current price lists of the external partner whose service the consumer chose. The consumer is informed about the price and delivery date in the shopping cart before sending the order and in the order confirmation.

8. Liability for product defects

  • The supplier is responsible for product defects. 
  • The warranty period for purchased goods is 24 months and starts from the day the consumer receives the goods. The time from the exercise of the right from liability for defects to the time when the consumer was obliged to take over the item after the repair is completed is not included in the warranty period. If the goods are exchanged, the warranty period begins again after receiving the new goods. 
  • If it is a defect that can be removed, the consumer has the right to have it removed free of charge, on time and properly.
  • Instead of removing the defect, the consumer may request the replacement of the item, or if the defect concerns only a part of the item, the replacement of the part, if this does not incur disproportionate costs to the supplier in view of the price of the product or the severity of the defect.
  • The supplier can always replace the defective item with a faultless one instead of removing the defect, if this does not cause serious difficulties for the consumer.
  • If it is a defect that cannot be removed and which prevents the item from being properly used as a defect-free item, the consumer has the right to exchange the item or withdraw from the contract. The same rights belong to the consumer if the defects can be removed, but due to the reappearance of the defect after repair or due to a larger number of defects, it is not possible to use the item properly.
  • If there are other irreparable defects, the buyer has the right to a reasonable discount from the price of the item.

The supplier is not responsible for:

  • Mechanical damage to the goods (especially chain tearing, stone breakage, product scratches, chain or bracelet deformation/breakage, precious metal scratches, ring compression or cracking, damage to the jewelry by chemicals, inappropriate cleaning agents, using cleaning cloths on matte and engraved surfaces)
  • Normal wear and tear of goods (natural wear and tear, e.g. fraying of links on hanging earrings, pendants, etc.)
  • Dropping of a stone or pearl, caused by mechanical damage (impact, fall, excessive pressure on the bed of the stone, contact with hot water, etc.)
  • Deformation or breakage of hollow jewelry
  • Depreciation of goods caused by improper care

9. Complaints

9.1. Complaint means the exercise of the right from liability for defects in goods or services.

10. Withdrawal from the contract by the consumer

10.1. By withdrawing from the contract, the contract is cancelled at the beginning.

10.2. From the moment of concluding the contract, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the concluded contract, even without giving a reason, up to 14 days from the day of delivery of the goods (i.e. from the physical acceptance of the goods by the consumer), if the supplier properly and timely informed him of this right. Otherwise, the consumer has this right until the expiration of a period of 14 days from the date on which the supplier informed him about the possibility of withdrawal from the contract in accordance with the law. 

  • In connection with contracts for the supply of goods that are concluded through electronic commerce, the consumer cannot withdraw from the contract if:

10.3.the goods were made according to the special requirements of the consumer, the goods were made to measure, or were specifically intended for one consumer.

10.4.these are goods which, due to their nature, may be inseparably mixed with other goods after delivery .

Info: The specified cases when it is not possible to withdraw from a contract concluded remotely are listed in these GTC

The right to withdraw from the contract can be exercised by the consumer against the supplier in writing or by recording on another durable medium (e.g. email) to the supplier's addresses.

10.5.After a written withdrawal, the consumer sends to the supplier at his own expense, all the delivered goods from which he is withdrawing from the purchase, to the address: 51b Birch Road, Birkenhead, CH43 5UF. 

After prior agreement with the supplier, it is possible to return the goods in person at the given address.

10.6. The consumer is obliged to send the goods back or hand them over to the supplier or a person authorized by the supplier to take over the goods no later than 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the contract. The period of 14 days is considered to be observed if the consumer hands over the goods for transport to the supplier on the last day of the period.

10.7. The supplier is obliged without undue delay, no later than 14 days from the date of delivery of the notice of withdrawal from the contract, to return to the consumer all payments received from him on the basis of the concluded contract or in connection with it, including the costs of transport, delivery and postage and other costs, and fees.

10.8. When withdrawing from the contract, the consumer bears the costs of returning the goods to the supplier or the person authorized by the seller to take over the goods. If, due to its nature, the goods cannot be returned by post, the buyer also bears these return costs.


In case of withdrawal from the contract, we recommend sending the returned goods to our address by post in a plastic envelope as an insured letter together with the original invoice.

10.9. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the subject of which is the sale of goods, the supplier is not obliged to return the payments to the consumer according to paragraph 4.2.

10.10. Before the goods are delivered to him or until the consumer proves that the goods have been sent back to the supplier, unless the supplier proposes to pick up the goods personally or through an authorised person.

10.11.The consumer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the goods, which occurred as a result of such handling of the goods, which is beyond the scope of the handling necessary to determine the properties and functionality of the goods.

11. Order cancellation

11.1. In the event that the subject of the order was goods for which it is not possible to withdraw from, the consumer may cancel the order free of charge within 24 hours from its confirmation, under the condition of reimbursement of the supplier's purposefully incurred costs.

11.2. Until the completion of the work, the consumer can withdraw from the contract; however, he is obliged to pay the contractor the amount that corresponds to the work already performed, unless the contractor can use the result in another way, and to compensate him for the costs incurred.

11.3. When determining the fractional value of the metal, it is based on the retail purchase prices of a certain type of metal at the time of order cancellation. If the cancellation amount reduced by the fractional value of the metal is negative, the consumer is not entitled to a refund of the difference.

12. Withdrawal from the contract by the supplier due to impossibility of performance.

12.1. The supplier reserves the right to withdraw from the concluded contract if in the meantime the goods ordered are unavailable from the external supplier, or the goods cannot be delivered at the agreed price due to a significant change in the price of gold. The supplier informs the consumer about this fact without undue delay.

12.2. In case of withdrawal from the contract by the supplier, advance payments received will be returned to the consumer in the same way as the supplier received them.

12.3. This article does not affect the supplier's rights to withdraw from the contract, which he may have as a creditor.

13. Alternative dispute

13.1.The consumer has the right to contact the supplier with a request for redress (by e-mail to the address www.diasjewellery.co.uk) if he is not satisfied with the way in which the supplier handled his complaint or if he believes that the seller has violated his rights. the consumer has the right to submit a proposal to initiate alternative dispute resolution.


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