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Personalised jewellery that you will cherish forever 

At Dia's Jewellery, you receive a fully customised design service from beginning to end. If you contact me with a jewellery idea, we can discuss the ways in which we can achieve it together, before I will draw up a custom jewellery design based on your idea. We can then modify the project together to make it work for you, and once you are happy I will then complete the manufacture of it myself. This includes all the metalwork, engraving, setting of stones and crystals, and polishing. After it is completed I shall arrange its secure delivery to you.

Call 07814 295793 to get started on your custom made jewellery project with me.






Gold wedding tiara



Legendary wedding tiara

This stunning wedding tiara was one of my greatest professional challenges. Crafted using 150g of 14 carat gold and 10 beautiful zirconia crystals, and entirely handmade, the task was made more complicated by the difficulty in rolling the item evenly. We eventually found a specialist company who rolled chimneys. They rolled our gold perfectly to enable us to create this stunning piece.


tire earrings





Beautiful personalised jewellery

These personalised car wheel earrings were designed for a client who works in a car repair shop. She wanted something that would catch the eye and be in keeping with her profession and workplace. I arranged a beautiful custom made pair of earrings, which could be assembled to resemble alloy wheels, with the ear-piercer like the axle of a motor vehicle. The silver parts of this jewellery design are crafted from hallmarked 14 carat white gold.






What type of metals do you use?

I am highly skilled at working with platinum, pure silver, sterling silver and gold (9ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct yellow, white and red), as well as palladium. However, I do not work with titanium and steel.



Can I combine two or more different metals in a design?

Yes any metals can be combined. Frequently in my jewellery designs I will use a combination of white, yellow and red golds, or Sterling Silver with gold.



How will I pay for my bespoke jewellery?

I require a 35% deposit to commence work on your order, and then final payment is required before your purchase is delivered. I accept credit cards PayPal, and Stripe.



How long does it normally take to receive my jewellery?

If I have the right item made in your size in my workshop it will take the regular shipping period of between 2-7 working days. If I have to make the jewellery for you then you can expect delivery in 3 - 4 weeks depending on the item.



Is all your jewellery hallmarked?

All of our pieces are hallmarked, based on the legal requirement for hallmarking in the UK. Anything over 7.78g in silver must carry a hallmark, so some pieces such as lightweight rings , earrings, pendants, thin necklaces or bracelets are not hallmarked or carry a 925 stamp only.



Do you have a shop I can visit?

No, I work from a small workshop at home.



Why has my jewellery become tarnished?

Silver is very natural and is quick to tarnish. This can be caused by using, soap, perfumes, shaving gel and other abrasive products. It is important to use a silver polishing cloth with silver jewellery cleaner. However, tarnished silver can be salvaged and re-polished by machine for a small fee.



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